Viewing DICOM images with Linux

DICOM is a format used by medical devices to exchange images. DICAM stands for Digital Imaging and COmmunications in Medicine. Last week I had some pictures taken from my left knee. The CD with the different was delivered today. Unfortunately the installer / viewer is Microsoft Windows only.

A Google search returned “kradview” as the most promising alternative. It’s QT-based and should run fine. I’ve tried to install it both from source and from an RPM file (convert it with alien) but without any luck.

The Ubuntu repository has a package xmedcon, the GUI X Window System Medical Image Conversion Utility. It’s a basic X11 applications and doesn’t look as smooth as kradview but at least it works.

sudo apt-get install xmedcon

8 thoughts on “Viewing DICOM images with Linux

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  2. Yemi Bedu on said:

    I just used dicom2 to dump my wife’s data to multiple formats (tga, bmp, txt for meta, dicom, jpeg, png). They all look great. I before in the same day tried mricrox and ImageMagick straight with no results. This is a flat binary with no dependencies.

    Thank you. Good day.

    Yemi Bedu

  3. Nino Pereira on said:

    FYI, the Fiji version of ImageJ works well on Ubuntu 14.04 will the DICOM images I just got. Just google for them to download.

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