Manually deleting Time Machine backups

I use an Apple MacBook as my primary work laptop. One of the nice features that are automatically included in OSX is Time Machine, allowing you to do automatic backups.

You can do the backups to an external disk (via USB) or to a network connected disk. I also have a Synology NAS with a volume (encrypted of course) configured for the backups. I have set a quota for this volume to prevent the backupsRead more.

Split terminal on OSX

I use Apple OSX for my day-to-day work. Because of my background with Linux and OpenBSD the OSX Terminal application is my most “popular” application.

Because I got spoiled with the ease of use of screen on Linux devices and the basic Terminal app on OSX is fairly limited in feature-set I was looking for an alternative that runs natively on OSX and provides similar features to screen.

TMUX is a terminal application that allowsRead more.

Track your laptop’s IP even when it gets stolen

If you take your laptop with you when you travel it can get stolen. Often when a laptop gets stolen the thieves don’t go to the trouble of re-installing your laptop. If you install IP-tracking software you might be able to locate its position when the thieves (or people who bought the device from the thieves) boot it. You would still have to go through the trouble of convincing law enforcement that it is yourRead more.

Microsoft Messenger not logging in on Mac OSX

If you run Microsoft Messenger (MSN) on a Mac OSX and you keep getting the message “failed to login” then you have to remove these files in ~/Library/Preferences/Microsoft folder :

(short posting mostly to serve as a reminder for a myself because I keep on forgetting the exact path)

Play .iso on mac os x

A short post as a reminder, this is how to open iso dvd files on a Mac with OS X Leopard.

Open the Finder and navigate to the .iso file, double-click to mount it. Then go to Applications and open the DVD player.