Screws removed from my jaw

About 6 months ago I had a rather unpleasant accident and broke my jaw.

Last Thursday I had surgery to remove the metal plates that held my jaw together. I went in around 9AM, had a good sleep between 1PM and 3PM and went back home around 6PM … with the things that were inside my cheek in a small plastic back.

The doctor told me I was rather fortunate, I managed to crack two of the screws. As a precaution doctors nowadays always use two plates to attach broken jaws. Thank you doctor! Otherwise it would have been forced to have that same surgery again. Not something I would have enjoyed. Out of eight screws that were used two were broken and the base part of the screws are still in my jaw. I’m already looking forward to my next airport security check.

Oh, and from the “outside” there’s nothing you can see (besides my grumpy face but the problems with my jaw aren’t the only source for my grumpiness …)

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