nmap XML to HTML parser

I was recently in need for a parser that would convert Nmap XML output to a HTML file. As far as I could see there was no tool available so I wrote my own. Feel free to use or adjust it.

Parse nmap XML output
	Koen Van Impe		cudeso.be
<head><title>nmap xml file to html</title></head>
	<form method="POST" enctype="multipart/form-data" action="<?php echo $_SERVER["PHP_SELF"]; ?>">
		XML file: <input type="file" name="xmlfile"	<br />
		<input type="checkbox" checked name="open"> Open <br />
		<input type="checkbox"  name="closed"> Closed <br />
		<input type="checkbox"  name="filtered"> Filtered <br />
		<input type="submit" value="Press"> to upload the file!

if(isset($_FILES['xmlfile'])) {

	// init
	if (trim($_POST["open"]) == "on") 	$printOpen = true;
	else   								$printOpen = false;
	if (trim($_POST["closed"]) == "on") 	$printClosed = true;
	else   								$printClosed = false;
	if (trim($_POST["filtered"]) == "on") 	$printFiltered = true;
	else   								$printFiltered = false;
	$xmlObject = simplexml_load_file($_FILES['xmlfile']['tmp_name']);

	// output the header
	echo "<h1>".(string)$xmlObject["args"]."</h1>";
	echo "<h2>Hosts up: ".(string) $xmlObject->runstats->hosts["up"]." / Hosts down: ".
			(string) $xmlObject->runstats->hosts["down"]. " / Hosts total: ".(string) $xmlObject->runstats->hosts["total"]."</h2>";

	// run through the xml and print hostinfo
	foreach($xmlObject as $host => $value) {

		// Only grab the data if it's host related info
		if ((string) $host == "host") {

			// declare portsarray
			$nmap["ports"] = array();
			// get the hostinfo
			echo "<h2>".(string) $value->hostnames->hostname["name"].
						" (".(string) $value->address["addr"]." / ".(string) $value->address["addrtype"].")</h2>";
			echo "<table>";
			// put the discovered ports in an array
			foreach ($value->ports->port as $port) {

				if (  ( ((string) $port->state["state"] == "filtered")	and	($printFiltered)) or
					  ( ((string) $port->state["state"] == "closed")	and	($printClosed)) or
					  ( ((string) $port->state["state"] == "open")	and	($printOpen)) 
					) {
					echo "<tr><td>".(string)$port["portid"]."/".(string)$port["protocol"]."</td><td>".
			echo "</table>";


8 thoughts on “nmap XML to HTML parser

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  3. Christian on said:

    Thanks Koen, this is a great tool. This will shave some time off of my own efforts to process nmap XML outputs.

    Hey, and at least one human actually posting a comment should make you feed better after 3 spam posts 😉


  4. Hey this is really cool, actually almost exactly what I was looking for, but unfortunately I’m new to xml parsing. I’m wondering how you could adapt this script to just pull the nmap xml file off the localhost. Im running the nmap scan from a local server and then printing the result to a page that the server hosts.

    thanks for posting the script!


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