Phishing notice from Deutsche Bank

A couple of days back I received an e-mail from Deutsche Bank. I’m not a customer from DB. About a year ago I applied for some information and I guess my email addresses ended up in their mailinglist.

The mailing warns customers that there is a phishing attack ongoing. According to the mail, once infected, a virus on your computer lures you to a fake page where you are asked to enter your details.

So far so good. It seems like a good practice that banks try to warn their customers.

The mail contains a couple of links that should point you to sites that allow you to check if you are infected or not. Unfortunately the links point to another website. That website seems to have nothing to do with DB. It is a website for a “relationship marketing suite”. It is understandable that DB uses an external company to handle their mailings but I don’t get it … The message to their customers is “be on your guards” and then they ask you to click on a link that has nothing to do with DB?

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