Top 20 Free Digital Forensic Investigation Tools for SysAdmins

A list of 20 different digital forensic investigation tools. The list is taken from

Added this post as a reminder-to-self.

  2. ProDiscover Basic
  3. Volatility
  4. The Sleuth Kit (+Autopsy)
  5. FTK Imager
  6. Linux ‘dd’
  7. CAINE
  8. Oxygen Forensic Suite 2013 Standard
  9. Free Hex Editor Neo
  10. Bulk Extractor
  11. DEFT
  12. Xplico
  13. LastActivityView
  14. Digital Forensic Framework
  15. Mandiant RedLine
  16. PlainSight
  17. HxD
  18. HELIX3 Free
  19. NetSleuth
  20. P2 eXplorer Free

One thought on “Top 20 Free Digital Forensic Investigation Tools for SysAdmins

  1. Respected Sir,

    Being a new comer in the digital forensic Investigation, i would like to get free the aforementioned software by Email intact.
    would you please providing me the said software for our digital Lab?

    S.A Jabbar
    Deputy Superintendent of Police Crime Branch Baluchistan Quetta

    Cell# 09203342475108

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