Who accessed your personal data in Belgium?

Belgium’s civil servants accessing your data?

In May the Belgian media reported that civil servants were accused of violating people’s right to privacy. The civil servants stand accused of consulting the state register that contains personal data on all citizens, without a proper reason to do so.

Who accessed your personal data in Belgium?

Who accessed your personal data in Belgium? You can check for yourself with an e-id and a card reader.

IBZ – mijndossier.rrn.fgov.be

  1. First close all your browser windows;
  2. Insert your card reader;
  3. Insert your e-id;
  4. Open a new browser window;
  5. Go to https://mijndossier.rrn.fgov.be;
  6. You will now get a popup from your browser that looks similar to this :

    E-ID Popup, choose certificate
  7. Choose your certificate to authenticate. Do not choose your signature certificate;
  8. This will result in this popup.
    PIN code
  9. Enter your e-id PIN code.
  10. Choose Mijn Dossier;
    Mijn dossier
  11. On some occasions you might get a similar popup as before, requesting you to select a certificate. Always choose the authenticate certificate.
  12. On the right you will see a button Consultatiegeschiedenis van mijn dossier. In French it is Historique des consultations me concernant;

    History - FR
  13. This gets you to a screen with an overview per month
  14. The page will list the timestamp, the requester and the result of the query.


If you have complaints on the listed requests then you can go to De Privacycommissie.

One thought on “Who accessed your personal data in Belgium?

  1. Gilles on said:


    I tried this morning, but I get an error about the certificate of the website being revoked. I’m sure my ID card is valid, as is the PIN code, as I can login on other sites that require the eID. Is it still working for you?

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