BNP Paribas, internetbanking and security/privacy marriage failure

I do some of my internet banking through BNP Paribas. Today I was greeted with this message:

The flash notice isn’t such a big security risk on its own but from a banking site I’d expect they would be more careful by
 – informing users that a (useless) banner requires Flash on your computer (Flash being a popular attack vector is good for gaming sites, from a banking site I’d expect something else)
 – informing users upfront what ‘‘ is about and a detailed explanation on what kind of data they are sharing with that partner (“Profacts is a market research agency” does not sound the kind of agency I’d be happy to share my data with, a banner with ‘gegevens blijven volledig vertrouwelijk’ isn’t sufficient)

You get these kinds of notices often when you visit newspaper or general interests sites and that’s fine. However when visiting a banking site ‘everything’ that might raise suspicion or confusion should be avoided.

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