Stay Up-to-Date on Security News with OPML feeds

Stay Up-to-Date on Security Trends

In 2015 I did a posting on the Security Intelligence blog on How to Stay Up-to-Date on Security Trends. The post describes how you can streamline the process of following different news and threat information channels, classify them and bring them to good use.

One of the tools that you can use is RSS feeds. I personally use a setup of fever to grab different RSS feeds and then have them delivered in one central RSS feed. This makes it easy for me to scroll through the different news items and mark the interesting articles for later reading.

OPML Security Feeds

I wanted to share my feeds with the community. The easiest way of sharing these feeds is through OPML files. OPML is an XML format for exchanging lists of Web feeds. You can import OPML feeds in most RSS readers.

You can find my OPML files in the GitHub repository : OPML-Security-Feeds. Feel free to contribute or mark older feeds as stale.

2 thoughts on “Stay Up-to-Date on Security News with OPML feeds

  1. Parin on said:

    I found this app called Cyware which gives good hand curated cybersecurity news from across the globe.
    It is much better to have just one app rather than to follow so many good sources and also better UX than RSS feeds.
    Check it at

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